Our Mission

AU Card, the brainchild of Christopher Scanlon, was born to fulfill two purposes: to give members a unique and beautiful way to express their individual successes and legacy and to provide frictionless financial services. Instead of “Elite” card member programs that treat every member more like a paycheck than a person, Chris set out to create a profoundly personalized service that would not only offer financial services but an entire lifestyle management and card membership program.

The Card

Through the ages, gold has continued to be a symbol of status, wealth and success. Aurae Lifestyle membership includes a 14-carat or 18-carat yellow or rose gold, custom designed debit card weighing between 43-60 grams. Each card is a unique work of art as our designers collaborate with our members to create a deeply personal masterpiece. We know that creating a vision can take time, so we don’t limit our card design consultations. Once the design is complete, expert craftsmen engrave, jewel, and perfect each card.


Aurae members can experience peace of mind knowing that safety and security are top priorities. Aurae strives to develop and implement new and better ways to keep payments safe and we take pride in our cutting-edge financial technology and services, ensuring that we deliver the best experience possible to our members. All Aurae solid gold cards have a microchip embedded in them to provide increased protection against fraud using technology already in use around the globe. Aurae Solid Gold cards are insured against loss and theft.


Going beyond financial services, an Aurae membership includes access to top-tier lifestyle assistance. Benefits include personalized travel services including planning and booking services, preferred travel packages, negotiated rates on First and Business Class flights, luxury accommodations, limousine services, airport transfers, private aviation and more. Members also have access to lifestyle concierge services such as product procurement, personal shopping and styling, access to exclusive private events, and more. No request is too large or too small for our concierge team.